Picking a Brand Name for your company? Are you having trouble coming up with ideas? Picking a brand name is a crucial step for any business. Not only will you have to decide on a catchy and marketable name. But the name must also correctly describe your product or service. In this blog article, We dive into the process of coming up with a unique name as well as why it’s essential to choose an appropriate brand name, and other helpful tips.

Crucial steps to take before picking a brand name

For a business, the process of naming itself is an art. Think about what you want the business name to say. Does the name make your product stand out among competitors?

Picking a Brand Name: the Ultimate Guide

Does your pick make it easy for customers to understand what type of business it is? Do you want people to easily recognize the name because it has a distinctive style or message?

All of these things can help guide your search for a suitable brand name for your business.  Not only is picking the right name for your future company difficult but picking one that gets approved. Whether you’ve picked out a new name when launching the business or changed it to enter a new market, the following tips will assist you in picking the right brand name.

Consider consulting the experts.

It may be best to rely on your instincts when picking a name for your company. However, if you don’t want to choose a label at random, consult industry experts. They will have a good idea of the choice that will please potential customers.

Come up with a goal for your brand name.

A brand name plays a vital role in deciding whether or not you can achieve your goal. A well-thought-out and executed branding strategy will set the tone for your company’s image. This then sets it apart from others because it makes people feel and connect with what they’re about to purchase (or invest in). So sit down and analyze your goal, then figure out how you can implement a branding strategy that ties into those set goals.

Create a brand image for each idea

It’s an important aspect to create a brand image for each idea. Check if your idea gets popular with the audience. If the audience does not like your idea, take that feedback and improve upon it. Investing in your brand image is crucial for you the survival of your business.

Be confident when picking a brand name

In marketing, it’s essential to decide your brand name at the beginning and stick to your guns. If you meticulously work through all of the potential names and options, you’re more likely to feel satisfied and confident in your final decision. Ask yourself the question: Is the name part of your brand’s unique identity? For example, Taggart is a name meaning “ten,” which sounds like a cool name for an ad agency’s service, but is it something that distinguishes your company? Or does it just sound cool and that’s it? What’s cool is today won’t be tomorrow.

How to brainstorm different names

Picking a Brand Name: the Ultimate Guide

When it comes to naming a company, brainstorming different names for your company is vital. Search the internet for ideas and choose ones that feel right. If you are feeling stuck, use something significant about the business. This helps give the name meaning. Below are our top tips to improve your brainstorm.


Before choosing a brand name, it is essential to do extensive research on what name/s your competitors use to brand their products? This is a crucial step to ensure your brand name is unique, strong, and creative.

Target market

Who will be purchasing from your brand? Start by thinking about the target market. It’s important to know that you are designing a product or service to be self-reflective and inclusive to your chosen target market.


The value of your brand is a crucial step to take note of. Ask yourself, what words best explain in totality the essential thing your product does for its consumers? How would you express its value in just a few words?


Literal in this context means which words come to mind when thinking about the physical characteristics of your product? If it is a service, do your clients understand exactly what you’re offering? If it is a product, does the audience automatically see those definitions as satisfying their needs?


You need to ask yourself which words related to feelings or emotions that best convey your product’s key functions? Build the emotional resonance of your brand name, making it personal and meaningful.


Just because you think of one name doesn’t mean that will be the chosen name. You should alter, combine, or evolve your idea to improve it. If it is not working, you need to scrap and start brainstorming again.


Before brainstorming a brand name, you must first think about the way to spell it. Then, people may find it easy to remember as well as quickly search for your company online.

Use the best synonyms you came up with in brainstorming tips 2-4 to round out your list. Your best ideas deserve greater attention.

Avoiding brand name disasters

Picking a Brand Name: the Ultimate Guide

For many, the power brand names have over your business is fundamental to its success. Every decision can affect your company’s bottom line positively or negatively. It is crucial to have a plan in place if you make a mistake with one or more of your name ideas. Plenty of companies regret their decisions on this front.

Examples include Kraft Foods. Critics and even scandal greeted Kraft’s rename choice of its overseas business to Mondelez’s. The Russian term for oral sex is said to be the inspiration for the outrage.

Representing it with the wrong image

The process of creating a great brand name is simple in theory. But tricky when it comes to carrying that idea through to completion. Firstly the image or logo that depicts your brand name needs to represent who you are and what you do in the best way possible. After launching a campaign titled “The Perfect “Body” in 2014, Victoria’s Secret received a lot of criticism. The “ideal figure” was portrayed as a slender and faultless one by these supermodels of the highest caliber. Most women are unable to attain these kinds of perfect bodies safely. Self-esteem and women’s health were seen as being harmed due to this and the promotion of inadequate diets. More than 30,000 individuals signed an online petition calling on the corporation to rectify and apologize for the commercial that sparked outrage among consumers.


Although it’s easy to give a company a generic name or borrow brand name style from competitors. This is a terrible way to go. It’s better to find names that mimic yourself with themes related to what you’re offering. This is your business identity, so you want the name to reflect the character of your company. A business name itself doesn’t do much for customer recall. But the name affects the brand’s image and reputation. In branding, everything rests on the brand.

Names that are funny only to you

It’s tempting to pick names that can get a big reaction from people. Nonetheless, it’s not worth choosing if you don’t think about what your name will sound like when someone stumbles across it. Above all try to ensure that you pick a name that sparks interest and doesn’t offend. (Unless that’s your whole brand image, then hey, offend away!)

Misspellings or strange spellings

Many people pick unusual or creative brand names for their companies. However, sometimes the spelling might be challenging to read, easily misinterpreted, translate poorly, or don’t match the company’s brand image. We can all fantasize all day about massive brands like Google, Yahoo, and Uber who all take advantage of play-on/made-up words. However, the reality is that these brands have budgets in the hundreds of millions to push the world into being familiar with their unique creative brand names.

Check for trademark violations.

Finally, before you create a brand name for your company, it’s a good idea to do a Google search and to see whether your proposed brand name is already taken or not. That way, you will have the opportunity to use the brand name without breaking any trademark rules.

Stuck and uninspired picking a brand name?

Picking a Brand Name: the Ultimate Guide

Namelix and Naminum, are online name generator tools that are great to have in your arsenal. Spending time on both Namelix and Naminum can help start those creative juices flowing.


In conclusion, a brand name has to be properly filtered through numerous iterations of brainstorming. This will ensure that when the time comes, your product will resonant with consumers, and your brand name embodies what your future brand will stand for.

If you now have picked your name but don’t know what to do next. We have an awesome branding article, that covers everything you need to know.

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